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Dennis Corrigan(non-registered)
Nice shots. Something I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve always been the guy in the audience with a camera.
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Thanks for the info on Zenfolio
I could not find a link on your site to offer a commission as a referral back to you!
There is set up for it. I did find a nice code to drop the cost under $100 from $120
Theresa Kenney(non-registered)
These are all simply beautiful Lori and thanks so very much for coming to Brockville to take the photo's! Of course, I have many favourites ( he he ) but I adore the shots of Nadia! We will choose pictures and talk to you soon, cheers, thanks again, Theresa
Patrick Ciavaglia(non-registered)
Amazing, Lori! Beautiful colors, perfect framing....nothing less than the usual bang-up job!

Faves are #'s 3, 8, 14, 16, 17, 20.

Thanks for sharing these!
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